Apartment 306 is a great little 1-bedroom on the third floor – toward front of property, so it has a nice street view below, as well as looking across the valley at the trees on the hillside behind the neighboring buildings – a nice combination of nature and architecture out the windows. This apartment has a really open-feel living space featuring some beautiful architecture – 4 large windows with deep sills spread across the Living Area and 4 tall, skinny windows in the bedroom, a high ceiling (~10 feet in most places), plus an old doorway and transom window above, which goes through a thick masonry wall and lots of old wood wainscoting throughout the apartment. There is about 550-570 square feet of living space and there is wall-to-wall carpet everywhere except the entryway, kitchen and bath (vinyl). A coat closet right next to the front door offers hanging space plus floor space and a shelf above. Walking in past the coat closet, the ceiling rises above the living room and the huge windows dominate the look of the place.  Though it’s not a large apartment, it feels big due to the sheer volume of the room plus the brightness from the 85square feet of glass.  By the way, this apartment doesn’t get much direct sun except for a little bit in the late-afternoon in summertime, yet it remains bright most of the time.  That sun does make it a little hot up there in the Summer, but the tradeoff is that the heat comes up in the winter to keep the heating bills lower than most other apartments.  There’s a nice ceiling fan with lights up top in the living room, and a smoke detector up there, too, to keep everyone safe.
The ‘Tower Bedroom’ is about 10×13, with those 4 cool windows, 2 of which face West for that afternoon light, and 2 of which face north.. After closing the door to the BR, it feels very separate from the living space, but it’s right next to it. There is a nice size closet at one end of the bedroom with about 6-feet of hanging space and the floor space below for storage and  some shelving (1-ft wide) above the hanging rod, plus 3 shelves up one side of the closet. A more recent addition was another closet behind the door, with some hanging rods and floor space for easy access to everyday wear.
The kitchen is right off the living area, and a recent renovation has extended it out into the apartment, instead of being a separate room. Now, it’s more of an eat-in kitchen, with decent counterspace and a good amount of cabinet space, a full stove/range plus a dishwasher and fridge, and enough outlets for all your food prep gizmos, and even a built-in spot for the trash and recycling cans.  In front of the sink, a higher countertop on the half-walls that divide the kitchen from the living area serves as a breakfast bar with the addition of a couple tall stools.  Right next to that is a matching shelf area for extra storage or decoration opportunity.
Bath is pretty simple – just what you need, not much extra: a tub/shower combo, a newer toilet and sink over top a linoleum floor for easy cleanup.  This apartment is considered pet-friendly, and can be home to a cat or a small, well-behaved (quiet) dog – pet fee applies.