About the Town

The borough of Jim Thorpe is an awesome place to live – it has it all! A beautiful historic Victorian downtown is surrounded by picturesque mountains with the Lehigh River cutting through at the edge of town. In the downtown are almost a dozen restaurants, a few pubs, about 40 shops of all kinds, several historic and cultural attractions such as art galleries/studios, an Opera House with concerts (not opera!) almost every weekend, plus several museums and different kinds of tours. All the necessities are here, too – banks, post office, library, convenience stores, coffee shops, beer distributor and supermarket. There are hiking and biking trails nearby, a lake just a few miles away, and many parks in the area. The best part is that most of these things are WALKABLE from the Three Towers Apartments – a truly convenient place to live.

At the upper end of the Lehigh Valley, Jim Thorpe is about 45-50 minutes from Bethlehem and 35-40 minutes from Allentown. There are several routes to choose from (145, 248, PA Turnpike) and the commute isn’t too bad; plus it is nice to come home here every day!  There are inspiring views in all directions, both natural and man-made.  A unique history, especially for such a small town, adds an element of character to the already-intriguing place – it is worth investigating.

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