Application Process

If you’re interested in a specific apartment, or Three Towers in general, please email with a letter introducing yourself and your situation, so we can see if an available (or soon-to-be-available) residential opportunity matches your needs. At very least, please include the following information: Name, # of People, Employment (Company/Town/#Years), # Cars, any Smoking, any Specific Needs or wants in an apartment.
Inquiries without the basic information will be put at the bottom of the list. The more info and explanation of your situation, the higher priority it will receive. Thanks!

If you prefer to talk right away, please be prepared to discuss all the information listed above, right on the first call.  We use the first contact (call or email) to determine a candidate’s fit for an opportunity here.

The Application Process will then include a personal meeting, a fully-completed application, a credit check (provide a recent one and save the application fee), and contacting several references. All of these things are important, none can be ignored.
We manage Three Towers with the care and diligence that the building deserves and our residents appreciate. Getting good neighbors in the building ensures that everyone remains happy here.

If things progress to the point that a candidate will be moving into an apartment here, our rental agreement starts with a 1-year term and then turns into month-to-month. Three Towers is not a short-term rental, the idea is to have residents who live here for years at a time – this is intended to be ‘home.’ The lease is standard: every apartment has the same basic lease – with a slightly revised version for pet owners.  

Each apartment has a Security Deposit due at the time a lease is signed. The amount may vary slightly depending on rent amount and apartment amenities and if a pet is part of the agreement.  Usually, it is $1000 for an apartment and an extra (non-refundable) Pet cleaning deposit of $100.  Security Deposit must be paid in-full, up-front at the time of the lease signing. The monies are put in a bank account and remain there, untouched, until a resident moves out, when they are returned (full/partial/none) according to the stipulations of the lease and the condition of the apartment, along with any outstanding debts of the resident.

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